About Us

High Scope

Helping entrepreneurs take their first steps since 2018

High Scope Group was established to help entrepreneurs with crucial procedures of business setup in Dubai giving the office space with best prices. Our agenda at High Scope Group has been to guide our clients with the best! Hence, we put together a unique team of UAE business setup consultants, lawyers, PRO executives, company formation experts & Real Estate Agents. We are passionate about delivering outstanding service & ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit from our expertise.

We deliver more than expected.


Your Success is Our Priority

Our clients always come first. Our on-site staff is always ready and happy to provide answers to any questions or concerns you might have.

  • We have carefully built our offices to ensure that they are ready to meet the needs of modern businesses. In addition, our complete team is always available to help you and your team settles in and benefit from all of our on-site amenities
  • Our wide range of offices and workplaces also includes conference rooms fully equipped for on-site and virtual meetings. These fully maintained facilities help make sure that you are able to focus on your business through seamless internal and external communication.
  • We focus on fostering company growth by providing superior office spaces. We believe that our clients are more productive when working in a high-quality office environment. We create this through exceptional service, well-designed spaces, and first-class buildings.

You Always Get the Best Guidance